Uniting Church in AustraliaGladesville-Boronia Park Uniting Church


History of the Boronia Park church redevelopment

The multi-purpose facility at Boronia Park (Hunters Hill) came following the visionary redevelopment of the Church buildings, which included knocking down the Church Hall (the original Church built in 1923), which can be seen in the picture on the right hand side below. The structure of the A-frame church (pictured below on the left), which was built in 1958, was incorporated into the new church design.

Old Church front view

Old Church Outside Appearance  Old Church Hall

New (Redeveloped) Church front view

New Church front view

Inside Old ChurchOld Church Worship space

The Original Church design had the centre aisle with wooden pews on either side.                         

Gladesville-Boronia Park Congregation before redevelopment

Inside New (Redeveloped) Church

The picture below shows the redeveloped inside of the church, where the floor had been raised about 2 foot and entry changed to come in the right side.

Inside of redeveloped Church 

Old Church Hall

Old HallThe floor in the old hall was in sad need of repair, badly sloping.

New Church Hall

Inside new Church hall 

Children's Playground area

Outside back of old church

Before redevelopment there wasn't a lot for children to do in the backyard area of the church. Now, there is great access to a children's playground.

Grassed area Playground equipment

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